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Benifits of Logibrisk

Logibrisk is an umbrella organisation that oversees a consortium of privately owned single state transport and distribution companies. An indian network that connects state government operations. Logibrisk is working to make it easier for customers to access a national transport distribution model. Logibrisk offers a variety of freight transportation solutions that can be adapted to metro and regional locations, combining general, express, and sensitive services into its portfolio.

Logibrisk has a smart infrastructure that connects all of its network partners and feeders so that communication is smooth and data can be transferred easily. The partners can exchange information on milestone tracking and tracing and proof of delivery for consignments, either through the Logibrisk platform or directly with each other. Logibrisk offers value-added services, such as data-rich environments that will allow for business intelligence, in-depth analysis and reporting. This information will be available to all of Logibrisk’s partners.


What We Can Do For Clients

Logibrisk makes it easy to manage the route of all your items and allows you to track them in real-time. This ensures that delivery is not delayed, hence increasing customer happiness.

Real-time visibility of delivery activites from start to end

Productivity gains in delivery

Route planning that is incredibly effective

Multi-drop deliveries that are seamless

Very quick and easy contactless deliveries and doorstep pickups

Incressing on-time delivery volumes and delivery profitability per order

Customer satisfaction and more flexible delivery systems


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