Tyre Inventory Management

Tyre Inventory Management:

Centralized database for tracking and managing tyre inventory, including details such as tyre type, brand, size, tread depth, and purchase information. Barcode or RFID tagging for easy identification and tracking of individual tyres. Real-time visibility of tyre stock levels, location, and availability across multiple warehouses or depots.

Tyre Maintenance and Inspections:

Maintenance scheduling and reminders for tyre rotations, alignments, pressure checks, and tread wear inspections. Recording and tracking of tyre maintenance history, including service dates, performed tasks, and associated costs. Alerts and notifications for upcoming tyre maintenance or inspection tasks.

Tyre Tracking and Performance Monitoring:

Integration with telematics systems to monitor tyre performance indicators, such as tyre pressure, temperature, and mileage. Real-time tracking of tyre conditions and alerts for abnormalities or potential issues, such as low pressure or excessive wear. Historical data analysis to ide ntify trends and patterns, enabling proactive tyre maintenance and replacement.

Tyre Retreading and Lifecycle Management:

Tracking and managing the retreading process for tyres, including retreading history, retreader information, and retreading costs. Analysis of tyre lifecycle data, including mileage, wear patterns, and performance, to determine optimal retreading intervals and maximize tyre lifespan. Replacement forecasting based on tyre condition, tread depth, and performance metrics to ensure timely replacement and minimize downtime.

Warranty and Claims Management:

Tracking and managing tyre warranties, including warranty periods, terms, and conditions. Streamlining the warranty claim process by recording and managing warranty-related information, such as tyre details, purchase receipts, and claim status. Automated alerts and notifications for warranty expirations and claim deadlines.

Tyre Analytics and Reporting:

Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to analyse tyre performance, costs, and maintenance trends. Key metrics and KPI tracking, such as tyre utilization, retread success rate, maintenance costs, and tyre-related downtime. Customizable dashboards and visualizations to monitor tyre-related metrics and identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Integration with Tyre Suppliers and Service Providers

Integration with tyre suppliers and service providers for seamless ordering of new tyres, tracking deliveries, and managing service appointments. Integration with tyre manufacturers' databases to access tyre specifications, recommendations, and technical information. Streamlined communication and collaboration with tyre suppliers and service providers for efficient tyre procurement and maintenance. These tyre management features enable businesses to effectively track, maintain, and optimize their tyre inventory, ensuring safety, extending tyre lifespan, minimizing downtime, and reducing overall operating costs within a Transport Management System.