Demand Planning and Forecasting:

Demand forecasting and analysis to estimate future demand based on historical data, market trends, and other factors. Collaborative demand planning tools to gather input from various stakeholders and create accurate demand forecasts. Inventory optimization to align inventory levels with demand forecasts and reduce excess or obsolete stock.

Order Management:

Order processing and tracking from initiation to fulfilment, including order entry, invoicing, and shipment tracking. Automated order fulfilment and allocation based on predefined rules and available inventory. Integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to manage customer orders and communication.

Inventory Management:

Real-time visibility of inventory levels across the supply chain, including warehouses, distribution centers, and retail locations. Inventory tracking and optimization to minimize stockouts, excess inventory, and carrying costs. Warehouse management integration to manage inventory movements, storage, and fulfilment.

Sustainability and Compliance:

Tools to monitor and manage sustainability initiatives, such as carbon footprint tracking and compliance with environmental regulations. Compliance management to ensure adherence to industry standards, customs regulations, and quality control processes. Traceability features to track product origin, certifications, and compliance with ethical and sustainability standards.

Procurement and Supplier Management:

Supplier selection and evaluation based on predefined criteria, including price, quality, lead time, and performance history. Automated purchase order generation, approval workflows, and collaboration with suppliers. Supplier performance tracking and evaluation to ensure compliance, quality, and on-time delivery.

Logistics and Transportation Management:

Route optimization and carrier selection to minimize transportation costs and improve delivery efficiency. Transportation planning and scheduling, including load consolidation, mode selection, and shipment tracking. Integration with logistics service providers for real-time visibility, freight audit, and payment processing.

Warehouse Management:

Warehouse operations management, including receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and shipping. Inventory location tracking, bin management, and cycle counting. Integration with barcode or RFID technologies for efficient warehouse operations.

Supply Chain Analytics and Reporting:

Data analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and track supply chain performance. Dashboards and visualizations to provide real-time insights into inventory levels, order status, and supply chain metrics. Predictive analytics to identify trends, forecast demand, and optimize supply chain operations.

Supplier Collaboration and Communication:

Collaborative platforms for seamless communication and information sharing with suppliers and partners. Integration with supplier portals to streamline communication, order management, and document exchange. Automated notifications and alerts for order updates, shipment delays, or quality issues.

LogiBrisk ISCOP for Mid Mile features helps businesses streamline their supply chain operations, improve visibility, reduce costs, enhance collaboration, and drive overall supply chain efficiency within a comprehensive supply chain management software solution.


Order Management:

Order tracking and management from the point of fulfilment to the final delivery location. Order consolidation and optimization for efficient last mile routing and delivery.

Delivery Scheduling and Dispatch:

Intelligent routing algorithms for optimizing the delivery routes and schedules based on factors like distance, traffic, and time windows. Dispatching tools to assign delivery tasks to available drivers or delivery partners.

Driver Management and Tracking:

Driver assignment and tracking to monitor driver availability, location, and progress in real-time. Driver performance monitoring, including delivery completion rates, on-time performance, and customer ratings.

Route Optimization:

Real-time route optimization to dynamically adjust routes based on traffic conditions, delivery priorities, and unforeseen events. Integration with mapping and navigation systems for accurate directions and efficient routing.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

Electronic proof of delivery capture through mobile devices, including signature capture, photos, or barcode scanning. Instantaneous POD validation and synchronization with the central system for real-time visibility.

Customer Communication and Notifications

Automated customer notifications regarding delivery status, estimated arrival times, and any changes or delays. Communication channels for customers to track deliveries, provide delivery instructions, or request rescheduling.

Exception Management

Alerts and notifications for delivery exceptions such as failed deliveries, address issues, or damaged packages. Workflow management to handle exceptions, including rerouting, rescheduling, or customer communication.

Analytics and Reporting:

Reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor last mile delivery performance, including key metrics such as on-time delivery rates, delivery cost analysis, and customer satisfaction. Customizable dashboards and visualizations to track KPIs, identify trends, and optimize last mile operations.

Integration with E-commerce Platforms and Marketplaces:

Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to automate order imports, update delivery status, and synchronize data. Inventory visibility and stock availability information for accurate delivery commitments.

Returns and Reverse Logistics:

Management of returns and reverse logistics processes, including return order creation, pickup scheduling, and return tracking. Integration with customer service systems to streamline return requests and customer communication.

LogiBrisk ISCOP for Last Mile features helps businesses streamline and optimize their last mile delivery operations, ensuring efficient route planning, timely deliveries, and superior customer experiences within a comprehensive last mile delivery management software solution.